Melissa Leonard


Melissa Leonard:
“Scuba diving – what an amazing experience. It was a dream that came true and it opened a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities to me. I were finally able to take part in a sport. Taking my first breath of air underwater, was one of the most amazing experiences I had. The breath of air came through with a reassuring rush. Being in the safe hands of a dive buddy, enables me to enjoy the underwater scenery. I get to swim in and through large schools of fish as well as get to see the
gracious movements of a turtle swimming, the little Clown Fishes pretending to be the most dangerous of the marine life while trying to protect their little homes, oh and so much more!! The boat trips, the launches and when the boat “beaches” – is all part of the adrenaline rushing experience. Diving is almost like going into another world. It is an experience I would recommend to everyone – a must on their bucket list!
Looking back, learning to scuba dive wasn’t the only thing that changed my life, but it was also the people who I met through scuba diving. I made friends (abled and disabled). I finally belonged to a community where I am accepted the way I am. I am treated like a normal person. I became part of the scuba diving family who supports, encourages, believes in me and pushes me to be the best I can be. Together with my dive buddies and friends, we find various means to overcome obstacles and nothing is ever too much trouble for them.  After diving, we get to relax and spend time with friends – which are always accompanied with lots of laughter.
I get to go places, see things and do things together under water with friends. Our main diving destinations are Sodwana Bay and Southern Mozambique. Every time when crossing the border, is a special feeling filled with excitement. Taking these trips together with our dive buddies, just adds to the experience and adventure.
I will forever be thankful to all the people who made it possible for me to become part of the diving community – a diving family”.
“If you can breathe, then you can dive” – Jim Gatacre