Your Rights

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Your Rights:

Deprivations of liberty of the disabled community.

Any person with a disability has the right to be treated fairly as any other human being and his or her liberty and dignity will not be deprived by any means.

The following will not be tolerated by any means, verbally, graphically printed media, digital media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. – direct or indirectly, publically or in secret.

1. Derogatory statements.
2. Astringent and tonic comments.
3. Sardonic attitudes.
4. Belittling.
5. Verbal attacks.
6. Name calling.
7. Offensive behaviour
8. Unreasonable behaviour
9. Self-centeredness.
10. Snobbish attitudes
11. Prideful behaviour that damages relations

Any of the above and similar attitudes will not be tolerated. If any of our members experience the above, they can contact the board of directors with a written complaint which will be treated confidentially and sensitivity. If there are reasonable grounds for the complaint, the necessary action will be taken through a written warning to the offender.